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[yellow tail]
[ yellow tail ] is the wine for everyone. Our mission is to make great tasting wine that is fun and easy to understand. We don’t get mixed up in complicated wine speak. Rather, our wine is meant to bring people together with great taste and consistent quality. Share it with friends, families, and loved ones; it’s great for any occasion. Simply put: Open it, drink it, and enjoy it whenever, wherever because seriously good wine doesn’t have to be serious.

Taste the difference! [ yellow tail ] Reserve is a preferred selection, crafted from grapes picked in the finest vineyards and personally selected by founder John Casella. The rich and complex grapes are from cooler climate regions of Australia. The Chardonnay and red varietals are stored in oak barrels to add further complexity and texture. When you’re looking for a different kind of flavor with more complexity, pick up a bottle of Reserve!

South Eastern Australia
Year Founded
Alan Kennett

With The Deutsch Family
Since inception in 2003
Sustainable Agriculture practiced
Has the largest waste water reclamation facility in the Southern Hemisphere.
Taste the Difference.
Key Selling Point
Exceptional quality
for the price

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