Villa Massa Facts

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Villa Massa Limoncello is made from lemons that are organically grown, in Sorrento, Italy, on shaded hillside terraces, in volcanic soil, overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

Based on a family recipe dating back to 1890.

Made exclusively from 100% fresh Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) Sorrento Oval Lemon peels, top quality cane alcohol, pure water and refined sugar.

  • PGI is a designation of authenticity and typicity as it relates to the origins (source) of food and wine, used by the European Community

Villa Massa uses only 100% natural ingredients—no preservatives, flavorings or artificial coloring; competitive limoncello producers often use artificial ingredients.

Versatile flavor means it can be served as an aperitif, a digestif, in cocktails, with espresso or coffee, over ice-cream, fruit salad or with any dessert

Villa Massa Limoncello is bottled to order and there is no warehousing of product in Italy

The ideal serving temperature is 32 ̊F; right out of the freezer.

To best appreciate Villa Massa’s natural flavors, store in the freezer and consume within 12 months of bottling.

Protected Geographic Indication (PGI)
Year Founded
Sergio and Stefano Massa

With The Deutsch Family
Since 2009
Sustainable Agriculture practiced
Yes. 100% organically grown lemons
Key Selling Point
An authentic, 100% natural limoncello that offers higher quality and more premium ingredients than the competition.
From a Magic Land — Pure, Natural and Refreshing!

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